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Author Spotlight: Cate Caldwell & Matt Pearson

       Matt Pearson and Cate Caldwell began their collaboration in 2008.  They have written several screenplays together, and have been finalists in such contests as the Page International Screenwriting Awards and the Creative World Awards. 

       Matt, a member of the Mars Society, has published papers on space settlement topics which have been described by critics as “contrary to popular thought and common sense.” 

       Cate, with a Ph.D. in English, has somehow managed to avoid food service and instead landed a job as a university administrator.  She has published a smattering of short fiction along the way. 

      The Sun Never Sets is both Matt and Cate’s first published longer work.  When not writing, Matt and Cate enjoy hiking, backcountry camping, scuba diving, and having adventures.  They live just north of Detroit in a dilapidated house built by a stone mason in the 1920s with a pride of super-genius attack cats who are too independent to behave like proper minions.


         Read the synopsis and an excerpt from Matt & Cate's debut novel, "The Sun Never Sets" and order your copy HERE.