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Who We Are:

We are an independent, small press publishing house headquartered in Michigan.  Our goal is to support authors equally, providing them with the best Book Design services possible within our "Pack" approach. 


We support the community with books serving charities across the nation, as readers experience the wonderment of the written word.

Author Spotlight!

Each month we spotlight authors on our Internet Radio program with Readings, Book Club Discussions, Interactive Q&A, and More!


If you're an author seeking a way to reach more readers, contact us for your opportunity to join Grey Wolfe On The Air!

The Storybook

The Grey Wolfe Storybook is an annual, anthology. For centuries, families have told stories to each other as a way to entertain, teach, and pay loyal respect to the culture of their ancestors.  In this book, you’ll find stories and poems from different origins... each one kept and passed on to the next generation of storytellers.

Please lend your words to serve the deaf children of America.

Sacred Texts

Grey Wolfe Publishing believes that what you write is Sacred Text.  We see it as our calling to ascribe reverence to your written word through the partnership of our Book Design process; and in so doing, create a legacy that will last generations. 


Help us rebuild the Library of Alexandria... one book at a time!

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